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Bicycle, Snow, Tractor, and Pennant flags

Snow Flag: 9" x 11" vinyl pennant mounted on a ¼" x 6' (or 8') fiberglass pole. Bicycle Flag: 9" x 11" on a ¼" x 6' (or 8') fiberglass pole, with mounting bracket. Tractor Flag: 16" x 16" on a 5/16" x 6' (or 8') fiberglass pole with spring steel mounting bracket. Double Pennant: Two triangular flags on a 6' fiberglass pole. Hydrant Pole: Standard 3/8" diameter white laminar matrix fiberglass with four 6" red and four 4" white highly reflective tape strips Mounting Brackets: "A" Flat Bracket or "B" L US Pipe Bracket are standard and are included with Hydrant Pole - ("C", "D" & "E" are optional).

Often used for field marking for agricultural and environmental industries. Bicycle & Snow flags can be used on vehicles, bikes and ATV's.

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  • orange
  • lime green
  • yellow
  • true red
  • blue
  • white